Pocktorian Textiles: The Flyer

22 11 2009

Since we don’t really want to be all alone at the incubator, since we want people to come each week to find out what we’re creating or to come on Saturdays to grab the latest of our creations and see our sketches for the week to come, I’ve been working on a starting flyer to place at the tourist centre and to hand out to prospective visitors in town. I won’t include the picture because I’m using an uncropped version of the one at the top of our blog, but I would be interested in comments on the text of it. So here it is:

Pocktorian Textiles

a textile incubator

1st Floor, Looses building, Magdalene St., Norwich


Reviving Norwich’s textile heritage and putting it in your hands

 Pocktorian Textiles is a consortium of Norwich’s aspiring designers. We share space and equipment, advice and inspirations.We make things and sell them. We teach the skills we use, and we sell locally produced materials, wool, roving, yarn, and dyes, for your own creations. Something new each week.

Everything sold at Pocktorian textiles is locally raised, grown, designed, and made. You won’t find anything like it on the high street.

Come catch us in the act of creation and take some of our work, or something of  your own, home with you.

What do you think?




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