The Weekly Schedule

27 11 2009

I’ve been thinking¬†that each day besides Saturday (likely to be when most sales are made), the incubator should have one “event” for the members and one “event” for the public.


Incubator: review of Saturday sales, commission, comments, requests

Public: still thinking


Incubator: internal “starting a line of clothing” class centered on specific aims of incubator residents, Attendable by non resident “associates”?

Public: A class in a specific textile area, continuing, but independent. For example, hand embroidery on Tuesday, a different stitch each week


Incubator: Perhaps a “starting a line” class not incubator oriented, open to public

Public: Another continuing class (Weaving? different weaves or elements of warping or yarn variations, etc.)


Incubator: Trouble-shooting, mutual advice meeting, to help get work finished for the next Saturday

Public: Another class, maybe a stand alone, one-off


Incubator: A presentation or lecture on any subject related to textiles by a member of the incubator, maybe requested outsiders

Public: A demonstration by one of the members


The past week’s production is made available in a special area and sketches for the next week are posted.

That way, I think we could build appreciation of the skills we would be using, make some money with the classes and lectures, and give the public a reason for coming by every day.

By the way, none of the incubator events would be mandatory, nor would they last longer than an hour.

Any comments?




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