Day 2

2 12 2009

What a huge difference heat and a place to sit make!

Since there is still stray old furniture in one of our two rooms, I arranged it like a little lounge area in the back of the sales room, the sofa with its back to the entry and the two chairs facing the sofa from the corners.

Then I pulled out the most rickety of the tables from the studio room and put it against the back of the sofa and displayed my work on it. Nothing sold, so far, but its was a sales room in at least a small way.

I put one page “posters” telling about the incubator on the entry door of the Looses building, on the entries to the stairways up to the first floor, on the edge of the sales counter on the ground floor, on the doors to both our rooms.

I also took a sheet of newsprint and did a large announcement of what the incubator needs. It never hurts to ask, and it gave me a chance to ask for students of our various arts.

Then I sat down and did a bunch of work. I finally began work on those shoe transformations I promised such a very long time ago. I worked on the hem stitching and the fringes of the newest chenille scarf.

And I even got in one of Barbara Winters $100 (£100?) hours, the idea of which is to generate as many different ways as possible that you could earn $100 (£100 for me), and then take some actions on it, or at least list some actions you could take later, which is what I did, because I was determined to be there for the time I had specifed to various people who said they would be stopping by that I would be there. Never mind that not a one of them did come by yet. Who was it that said that 80% of success was just turning up. I hope they’re right.

I must not be impatient. It is only day 2.  And if I can ever get one of the people looking for space to come and look at what we have and realize that the incubator really does offer all those things other studio spaces are lacking, they’ll join.




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