Pocktorian Textile’s Second Saturday

12 12 2009

At the end of the day, after, what is it now, 12 days of listening to people tell us what a marvelous idea the textile incubator is and how they wish us a lot of good luck, Ruth and I are having a bit of a problem being gracious about it. Because the landlord is not going to accept all the good luck as pay for our space, and because it’s hard to maintain belief in the quality of our work and the prospects of the incubator without selling some things. We were discussing putting out a can with a sign on it saying we gladly accept donations from all those who wish us luck. But maybe we won’t have to resort to that.

I do have some prospective machine knitting students and weaving students and even spinning students (when I can recruit a spinning teacher). And this week, I got my bulky knitting machine up and running, mastered a new method of casting on that is much more consistent than the e-wrap, knitted two scarves, and knitted all the fabric from a snood, which I anticipate being the first project for my students.

And I may finally have made a contact that can hook me up with Norfolk shepherds, so that I can gain access to Norfolk wool and spin Norfolk yarn.

And several other nice things have happened today as well. I may not have sold any of my work today, but really excellent things keep happening day after day after day. Can there be any doubt that eventuallly there will be a way for this incubator to support me?




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