Spinning Wheels, Zippers, and Draftstoppers

13 01 2010

It’s getting a bit more lively at the incubator these days. Quite a few alterations (mostly repairs of zippers) coming in along with a commission for a draft stopper snake and a machine knitting student.

The end result is that a bit of money is coming in and I’m managing to have enough extra time to do the jobs and develop my own ideas as well. I’ve pretty much finalized the starting offerings of my own line, enough that I may start a blog particularly for Intrepid Threads.

I wish I had a lot more to say about other participants in the incubator. If Ruth had come in, there would have been work for her to do, money for her to make, but she hasn’t. Marion is very very busy with school these days. So I’m by myself most days.

Still, I think positively. Perhaps I need to be example number 1 of what an incubator can make possible. In less than two months, I’m doing noticeably better. In another month, I really do expect to have my initial line offerings finalized.

Intrepid Threads will begin by offering a knit skirt, a knit top (most likely a buttonless 3/4 sleeve cardigan), a woven (perhaps handwoven) top with no sleeves, and a pair of draw-string elastic waist pants (trousers, Brits would say) fashioned after my favorite pair which has worn entirely out and can serve only as a pattern.

There will also be scarves, woven and knit and painted, snoods and maybe crocheted hats, painted and embroidered bags, and fingerless gloves, depending on the season.

Yes, I need to do pictures and put them up here. I need to do a lot of publicity. I’M ONLY ONE PERSON!

Oh, the spinning wheel? If the guy who made the offer was serious, I’ll be trading one or more of my handwoven scarves for a working Finnish spinning wheel with all accessories. (Gulp! Since I don’t yet know enough about spinning to use one.)

Wonder what will happen next?




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