Baths, Temari, Pysanky, Holiday-Centered Classes, Business Trend Articles, and Knitting Machines

17 01 2010

I should take baths more often. The moment I get into the bathtub (without access to paper and pencil), I start getting ideas.

Yesterday, at Pocktorian, I met a woman who does temari balls:

I encouraged her to bring some in for the salesroom. Sitting in the bath, it occurred to me that I would like one with a loop to hang it from a door handle and a bell hung at its bottom to let me know someone has come into the salesroom when I’m in the workroom, and that others might well be interested in such a product as well.

Then I began wondering if she could do the same sort of thing with styrofoam eggs as an Easter offering…

Which led to my thinking about pysanky:

and wondering if any of the local Polish population practiced it and would be interested in offering their eggs or teaching the skill.

Which led to my thinking about all the various ethnic ( and other) holidays coming up: Chinese New Year, Mardi Gras, Easter, Valentines Day, and so forth, and how each one┬áhad its own associated┬átextile craft class possibilities…

Which would fit in nicely with a suggestion from Biz-Fizz that Pocktorian Textiles should hold an event of some sort…

Which led to me thinking of a blog someone had suggested on Twitter that had an interview with a Business Week editor and suggested that a good way to get publicity for your business would be to pitch it as an example of a trend…

Like the trend of older highly qualified folks of various sorts having difficulities with their job searches and deciding to start businesses of their own, of which Pocktorian Textiles is a very good example, even more so because of its aim to aid others in starting their own businesses…

Like might be true of the people who will buy the knitting machines I presently have in the incubator to sell on….

But why sell just used knitting machines? There is no local shop selling knitting machines or knitting machine yarns. Why shouldn’t Pocktorian Textiles become an agent for one or more knitting machine companies or knitting machine yarn companies.

Whew! I am now soaked very clean indeed, and very inspired for the new week at Pocktorian Textiles.




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