Line Prototypes and Shengri La

1 02 2010

I’ve decided that, whatever happens, I want to get the prototypes for my line done. Over the last few days, I’ve made and put together the front and back of my cardigan, which came out good enough to continue on with the sleeves, which I almost finished today. It’s a very light cardigan without buttons, only ties at the top front.

I’ve also formed a vision of how I might conduct Pocktorian Textiles from afar, like the US afar, while providing my designers with an opportunity to learn useful skills.

Through a Linked-In group I heard of a virtual fashion school in an area of Second Life called Shengri La.

 A Second Life institution called the Fashion Research Institute teaches the creation of outfits for Second Life avitars. Shenlei Winkler, a long time professional in the world of real-life fashion teaches the course.

I can see several advantages to this. The designer can test their designs in Second Life, expending only time and energy, no materials. Since Second Life avitars are representatives of real people, the clothing chosen for avitars reflects real-world tastes.

It is actually possible to make real-world money with these virtual outfits. I don’t know how much. I’ll admit I have yet to own a computer that can handle Second Life, but surely my next one will. Maybe it’s enough money to finance the beginnings of a real-world collection consisting of the best-received virtual outfits offered.

I picture Pocktorian having a Second Life doppleganger existence in which I, wherever I am, or rather my avitar, meets with the avitars of my designers in the UK real-life Pocktorian Textiles to make decisions and suggestions and collaborations with each other.

It’s a stretch of an idea, but could it be?




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