Someday in Charlottesville….

4 02 2010

I will be asked about the name of my business, Pocktorian Textiles. I will tell them that it is a reincarnated version of Pocktorian Textiles in Norwich, UK. I will tell them of the five years I spent in Norwich and how I hope Pocktorian Textiles – UK still exists.

I will tell them that the word “Pocktorian” refers to the residents of Norwich who lived near the Pockthorpe Gate of Norwich, and how I know they were weavers because in the 1500’s, they rioted when a merchant moved in French weavers from Ipswich. I’ll tell them about the poem from just a century or two back that mentions Pocktorians and predicts a new flowering of weaving in Norwich. I’ll tell them how I imagine myself as a weaver from Norwich who went off to earn her fortune in America.

Or maybe I’ll invent a new name. Or maybe I’ll go back to the name my business used to have when I lived in Charlottesville: Sheep Appreciation Week. Folks liked it then, do you?

As for Pocktorian Textiles, Norwich, I can’t predict what will become of it. I now know that I will be returning to the US and that Pocktorian will not have the grant unless I can find someone as enthusiastic and knowledgeable as I am, someone that UnLtd will accept as a replacement for me. If you happen to know someone like that, please contact me.

Without the grant, what will become of the Finnish spinning wheel which I just bartered two of my handwoven scarves for today? I don’t know. I almost certainly can’t afford to ship it to the US.

How will Ruth find a suitable place for her business? And how will Foncelle find a place better than ours? And where will Marion turn for a sympathetic listener, someone who knows about finding a way in a young industry when you’re not so young anymore? Will those who have wished us well and told me what a good idea Pocktorian is offer more than good wishes to keep it going?

NUCA shows no interest, or to give it the benefit of the doubt, has too tight a budget to consider fostering Pocktorian for the sake of its graduates’ futures.

Anyhow, now my posts will be split. Half about my efforts to leave Pocktorian – UK is the best situation possible when I leave, and half about my plans and hopes for the future in Charlottesville.

And, as usual, time will tell. I will not regret having given Pocktorian – UK one heck of a try. I had amazing success while it has been going, for such a shoestring of an operation. It was just now going to take off, I am sure, if only I could have stayed.

No, I must not “if only”. It won’t help. I will simply do my best with things as they now exist and count that as enough.




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