Pocktorian Becomes a US-Only Entity

24 03 2010

I received a couple of e-mails yesterday from Anne LaVene that were so ugly I’m tempted to post copies of each one here. I’ll resist the temptation and be better than that.

Suffice it to say that Anne made it totally obvious that she did not share my vision for Pocktorian and had no interest in helping other Norwich textile businesses start up. Nor did she seem to appreciate at all the support and opportunities being constantly offered by UnLtd.

Therefore, I forwarded the specific e-mail in which she expressed that to UnLtd withdrawing my support for Anne taking over Pocktorian-UK, and suggesting that they reconsider their support for her and consider cutting off the grant. Apparently, they had already come to that conclusion themselves.

I was rather upset by this last evening. I feel bad that the textile graduates of Norwich, UK will not have this possibility for starting a business in Norwich. Also, since I have been getting copies of all the e-mails full of opportunities for holders of UnLtd’s level 1 grants, I am sure that, had I been able to stay in the UK and head Pocktorian-UK, or had Anne actually taken advantage of those on its behalf, Pocktorian-UK would be well on its way, and several other businesses would already be on their way also.

I know this because of the replies that have been coming in to a Gumtree ad I placed over a month before I left the UK. I’ve been passing them on to Anne. The good news is that I also passed one of those on to UnLtd, and they suggested that she apply for an UnLtd grant of her own. So even from here in the US, I’ve been able to facilitate at least one textile business to be in the Norwich area.

This is long enough. My next post will be about what I’ve been doing in Charlottesville to begin to envision the right version of Pocktorian for Charlottesville. I do welcome any comments and suggestions, particularly from Charlottesville textile artists and any Norwich textile people who have ambitions to start businesses locally.




2 responses

30 03 2010


So sad to read that this transition did not work out. As a textilist, I find it very disheartening that one of the oldest crafts/arts is not being encouraged by others in the field, particularly for new graduates.

I had followed your progress beginning with a post on the discussion boards of Barbara Sher’s website so was heartened to see that Norwich was interested in this type of activity.

As someone in Virginia, I will be following to see what happens. Will you be limiting participation to people living in Charlottesville?


31 03 2010

Don’t be sad, except for Norwich, which, at least for now, has lost out. There is hope for Norwich, though. I got an e-mail from a textile person who apparently knows a good number of other textile people and wants to start a business using local materials, so she would have been perfect for Pocktorian. I let UnLtd know abou her, and they suggested that she write her own proposal for funding, and then of course, I passed that on to her. She’s not quite ready yet. I hope she’ll let me know when and if she follows through. Also be sorry for Anne LaVene who passed on a marvelous opportunity in my opinion.

I, on the other hand, will go on to something even better. I may have to hunt a little harder for local materials here but I’ve already met so many grand textile people here in Charlottesville, and they’ve been very enthusiastic about the idea of a common collaborative work/selling place. What is more, the perfect locaion turns out to be just a two-minute walk from my house in the renovated (or if it takes a while, in the not yet renovated buildings) of the old Frank Ix textile factory. How spooky is it that I used to live in a piece of the old Civil War era woolen mill in Charlottesville and then bought a house that was originally built for a single manager at the Frank Ix factory. I’m very much due to write a new post on the blog about everything that has happened, bu first I have to get at least basically settled into the house.

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