It’s a Beginning

14 04 2010

I spent Saturday afternoon at the studio of another Charlottesville weaver (counting me, of course, as the other I know). You can see her work for yourself at her website:

She and a group of other artisans are having an open studio event on the first two weekends of May. I’ll be there for sure, though not with my own work.

My own work? I’ve been beading. I’ve now got two bracelets in Posh and another better one in the works that is so good I should not put it up for sale without taking one heck of a good picture of it. And Posh has asked for a necklace for the shop as well. I’ve got the beads and am ready to go to work.

I’m working on the hand-stitched side of the crazy quilted pillow at the shop, and my next day there, I get to sew a very easy quilt top. I’m told the sewing is so easy it can be done in two hours. Easy is good. It will be my first real quilt. If it turns out well, I may have to buy it for myself in the end.

I might also have a place for my handwoven scarves in a local gallery. Got to go back with samples. I’m not absolutely sure I want them in that gallery though. Would they be more noticeable there than in Vivian’s Art for Life where there are already works by a good number of excellent textile artists?

I’m also going to do some more work for Lara of LaraCorsets. Maybe some whitework.  Trust me to be most interested in the most labor intensive work. But there are several other possibilities: some corset embroidery, finishing up the gold embroidery on a reproduction of a 1908 gown I worked on several years ago, embroidered stomachers.

That’s not to mention the prospects of weaving or machine knitting yardage for Janice (if I’ve forgotten the name and been too lazy to go look it up at this point, please forgive me) of Posh to design with.

In short, with two days to go before most of my creative equipment arrives here, and with less than two months in Charlottesville, my prospects are reaching the point where I’ll have o consider not saying yes to every one that comes up. Quite a huge change from Norwich.

But I haven’t forgotten Norwich and Pocktorian, no not at all. In fact, just yesterday I spotted a door labeled Charlottesville Technology Incubator, or something of the sort, and stopped to talk with them about my incubator idea. They are actually interested in seeing my business plan in the making. I also might send it in as an application for a Pepsi grant, or the new natiowide Knight arts challenge.

If even half of these marvelous possibilities, and a few others I know about but haven’t written about, come to pass, I will be busy with work that challenges me and is a delight to do.

i can’t help wondering what comes next.




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