Making a (Re-)Start

3 05 2010

I am ready. I have cleared a space to set up the knitting machine. I am now making the 4th beaded bracelet since I got to Charlottesville and am more than halfway through the first beaded necklace. All of the bracelets except the latest and the necklace are peyote spirals, and the last is a Russian net. All are within a single color scheme so that they will all go together. The colors are a bright cornflower blue, purple, and and an orangish gold. I’ve varied the sizes and shapes and finishes of the beads, though, and I think they are all beautiful.

I need only some gutta to begin on fabric painting as well, perhaps using one of the photos I’ve been taking of flowers. Of course, I could also use my pictures to try some botanical watercolors.

And I’m toying with the idea of starting a project on the rigid heddle loom, probably just tea towels or placemats in a very simple cotton pattern.

After all, I’m finally at the point where we don’t have that much left on our list of essentials for the house that we actually have the money to fulfill. I’m going to have to start bringing in some more money from what I make (or from SOMEWHERE!) in order for us to do the remaining big money things. And because the list is dwindling, I actually have some time on my days off for working on projects and connecting with outlets to sell what I make.

It will feel good to get started on a non-beadwork project. I need variety.




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