When the World Cooperates

7 05 2010

Sometimes I wonder whether I’m being wise in choosing to work part-time in textile-related retail and planning to supplement that income as best I can with other textile projects. The local university pays more per hour for the lowliest job they have. I’ve got other marketable skills. At least I think they’re marketable.

But then something will happen that I can’t help interpreting as what I call “the-powers-that-be” supporting me. I’ve had my mother’s sewing machine for several years now, since she passed on. I even took it to England with me, though I didn’t dare to risk hooking it up to UK electricity with a transformer. I thought that the rest of the contents of my mother’s sewing room had long since been disposed of. And more than once, I’d wondered wistfully what had become of her dress forms.

Well, now I know they will be coming to me as well. Where I’ll put them, I don’t really know right now. I’m not finished being amazed that I will have them, one in larger sizes and one for smaller.

Thinking about this on the way home from work today, it occurred to me that I might as well put in my next request to those powers. I need a STUDIO to put all my goodies in, preferrably a studio I could share with other textile artists.

There. The request has been made. We’ll see what happens now. I have tomorrow off and will be (finally!) setting up the knitting machine. I still can’t afford to get the patterning mechanism fixed, but I can start without it.

I’m also going to do some research on cheap resists since I’m low on gutta and can’t get more until we mke it through to the next month. All these moving-in deposits and double first payments are making it tough for us this month.




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