….And When It Doesn’t

12 05 2010

OK, so maybe that was being a little greedy, or a little too much asking the powers that be to help me do things I should do for myself.

Or maybe things were just going a little too well and balance was needed. All I know is that I got hit by some kind of monster laryngitis bug, one with claws! Last Tuesday, I went to work with a bit of a cold thinking I’d make it through the day and have the next day off and be fine by Thursday.

No, if anything I was worse by Thursday. I was trying all the usual things, basic cold meds, sore throat losenges, lots of hot liquids, but nothing was making any difference.

By Sunday, I was beginning to understand how people of a certain age can be taken out by relatively minor health problems. I was trying everything and going downhill, less able to breathe and feeling sicker every day. I’d never had any cold or flu that stuck around that long getting worse and worse. We were combing the web and considering the emergency room when I woke up unable to breath totally freely through my mouth or my nose. Worse was not an option!

I sent my husband to the pharmacy to get my Mom’s old standby to help breathing, Vicks Vapo-Rub. My husband, darling that he is, decided to talk to the pharmacist, who told him to get both an expectorant and a cough suppressant.

I was dubious. Seemed to me like he was advising two things that worked against each other. Certainly, the Vick’s wasn’t working. This was dire. I could tell that my immune system was really struggling because poison ivy patches were popping up all over my body itching like crazy, which was really weird since I hadn’t been out of the house in a week and had had just a few spots that didn’t even itch at all after a major clearout of poison ivy in our yard before this bug hit me.

Never mind whether it makes sense on not. It worked. I’m now showing great improvement and will be able to work on all those things, like getting my knitting machine set up and weaving and fabric painting projects under way, not to mention continuing the organization of all the stuff we still have in boxes—no minor challenge considering our lack of furniture.

I am working on coming to terms with the fact that I MUST become more versed in getting pictures of my various projects on the web, maybe getting an Etsy shop set up, generally progressing with my marketing efforts, particularly the web ones, because those are the Polish ones.

Polish? That comes from my two years in Krakow, during which Poland taught me just how much could be done with very little money and a whole lot of elbow grease.




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26 09 2010

Did you ever get your Etsy site up? Like you said: Pictures!

26 09 2010

Hi Sarah,

Better than that. I did a bunch of inestigating and research and decided to go with ArtFire instead when they recently put a special price on pro membership if they got 50,000 folks to sign up. My research on Etsy, unfortunately, tended to show that on average a large amount of work produced only a small return. The new ArtFire pro deal goes into effect Oct. ! and I’m working to get ready to set up. For me, details like simply choosing a good banner section of a picture take a lot of time. But at least I only have to spend that time once. I’e already got pictures of items I want to put up. I’ve developed a series of patterns for hand-painted scarves and have already placed those scarves in two galleries with good reception. These are patterns produced by a series of pattern-making “marks” that will produce results similar in general style, but still each scarf will be different. I’ll add some pictures of them to the fabric painting page on this blog soon, since I’ve downloaded a picture cropping utility to my computer. Digital cameras produce such HUGE pictures these days, you find yourself having to work with them to make them useful for web purposes. I need to sit down and learn how to set my camera to take smaller size pictures for web purposes. There’s just so much to do and I’m working part time and tutoring two days a week as well as trying to make things and do this and hunt for a better paying job. It’s really hard to choose how I should spend a given amount of time I have to work on one of these various projects.

26 09 2010

Make that Octorber 1. Also I should telll you that I made a small mistake in choosing my ArtFire shop name, so there I will be PockTTorian Textiles because you can’t change it once you’e set it up, darn it. I’m trying to think of some kind of cool story about why I added the extra T for my US version of Pocktorian Textiles, but even if I manage that, you’ll know it was pure accident.

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