14 05 2010

An interesting phone call came today from one of the people heding up the Ix project/center. The moment I found out about Ix,


 I thought it would be a good place for a textile incubator in Charlottesville. Desireable, eventually, though perhaps not for several years (sort of like the Looses Building on Magdalene St. in Norwich was). Very close to home (considerbly closer than Looses was).

But the history of Ix as a textile factory was especially attractive. If I had to state the focus of my textile work, it’s preserving traditional techniques by taking full advantage of advances in materials and tools for doing those traditional techniques. Having the incubator in Ix would be creating new types of textile businesses in a location with a textile history.

I have no idea if this will come off. Heck, at present I have no voice for extensive discussion of it even. I know that considerable effort was put into a similar idea a few years ago and came to nothing. The reasons I’ve been given for that make me wary.

And yet….

I WILL follow up on the call tomorrow, perhaps in person so as to not strain my voice more than is absolutely necessary.




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