Thanks for That!

17 05 2010

Up until now, I haven’t known about any organizations similar to Pocktorian Textiles. Now I know of one. It’s another instance of the powers-that-be placing something I needed but didn’t know existed right in my path in a way that I’m guaranteed to pick up on it.

I was in the classroom of Cottonwood quilt shop, where I work three days per week, when I spotted an old issue of Quilting Arts.

 Quilting Arts is my favorite quilting magazine, but it was rarely available in Norwich, UK, where I lived for the last five years up to about three months ago, nor could I afford an imported subscription. I did my best to keep up with the magazine and what it covers by subscribing to the mailing list.

This was an issue I’d read about on the mailing list, but never gotten to really look at, so of course I picked it up to take a quick look through it.

Inside, I found an article about the Lowell Fiber Studio, a studio shared by 6-8 (depnding on  the time; it’s been running for 10 years now) textile artists/entrepreneurs. And better yet, it was in a repurposed textile factory. Wee-oooo! Wee-oooo!

Nearly all the elements of Pocktorian were there. Shared space and equipment as well as some individual workspace. A design wall where artists post their latest work or their work in progress for critique and comment. Combined marketing. And so on.

I don’t mind at all coming to know that my idea was not utterly unique. It never seemed like the kind of idea that could be expected to be unique. In fact, I’m utterly delighted to  know that another example has operated successfully for 10 years.

This CAN happen in Charlottesville.

PS: I’m going to be hunting for the contact information of the architect in New Orleans who was looking for such an organization in the US so I can let her know that the Lowell Fiber Studio exists. Maybe in one of the comments?




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