It’s Almost Funny!

19 05 2010

Let’s see. I arrived in the US on March 1, which means that I’ve now been here two and two thirds months, one and one third months in the house, about a month since our possessions arrived from the UK.

So, it’s almost funny that today I received a reply to an e-mail I sent in early November to someone at the National Trust to see if they could give me any aid to setting up Pocktorian Textiles.

Apparently, it was a total accident that my e-mail never got replied to until now. In any case, isn’t it pretty ironic that the National Trust has what they call a “Going Local” policy and might well have been interested in the project, even helping with premises as they had several barns that could be rented.

Actually, without a car, I probably wouldn’t have been able to take advantage of the barn offer anyhow, but still it would have been nice to receive the encouragement when I was at that stage. At this point, as I said, it’s almost funny.




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