A matter of curiosity

29 01 2011

I’m in a journaling mood. I’ve got something to work out and I do that by writing my musings down. I had this blogsite available and decided to do it here. Having come to the “New Page” area, I realized that part of what keep me from regularly blogging is having to choose categories and tags and a quotation from the post, etc. etc. etc. for search engine optimization, I suppose.

But the truth is that nobody read this blog much when I did that, so why should I bother. Why not just use it as my own personal online journal and see if, without any of that, it receives any readership at all.

So what I’m working out is how to get out of this hole I’m in. I’m 60, with a Ph.D. in biochemistry and a degree in textile design and I’m pretty much stuck in a town that’s great for living in, particularly because I own my tiny little house, but for many other reasons. But it’s a place where nobody’s hiring 60-year-olds with my qualifications for any interesting jobs, or nearly any jobs at all. And maybe I’m spoiled, but I don’t want any of those boring jobs on offer.

How do I know they’d be boring? Because I’ve had such jobs before. Maybe they’re not boring to other people, and maybe I’ve been spoiled by having relatively interesting jobs most of my life, but they’re boring to me, and when I’m bored, I’m a poor employee.

Worse even. I’ve been spoiled by actually being able to earn a living a good part of my life by working freelance. Being able to set my own working hours, to come and go as I pleased, to do work I actually enjoyed doing. But that requires a freelance market for the skills you have where you are, and finding that freelance market requires having a network of contacts. And I have no contacts here yet, at least hardly any useful ones, or ones useful enough to provide a decent income here.

I try to think about steeling myself to do whatever I need to do to make enough money to be able to afford to be active in the community and thus build that network. But if I do that, then people won’t take my avocation seriously. It’ll be just a hobby.

Well, that’s my first journalling post because I need to go to bed to work in a quilt shop where my textile design skills are hugely unappreciated and I’m paid retail wages, peanuts that is.

By the way, I’ve just been diagnosed as depressed and I’m in the process of seeing my disabled¬†husband through recovery from a hip replacement. Doesn’t help. But here goes anyhow.




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