Answer: Not Many

31 01 2011

…which suits me fine, for the meanwhile, while I’m working things out. My work is good. I know that much. I just can’t afford to get it out into the public as much as it needs to be in public to sell enough to support me. And if I could manage to do that, I’m not absolutely sure I could make enough in a month to support myself anyhow especially with taxes and such. I’d sure like the chance to give it a try.

What would I like to do? Besides turning out hand-painted ties and scarves and beaded jewelry?

I’d like to do prints like the ties and scarves on my ArtFire website, where I’m PockTTorian Textiles. Note the two T’s in the middle of  PockTTorian. They were a mistake, but I believe in the power of serendipity. I’d like to have an agent in NYC and another in London representing my unique prints.

I’d like to have a dobby loom that I could turn out really nice scarves on in a quality and quantity that would make them truly marketable.

I’d like to have a studio to do all this in, not just a lap table on a chair in my living room and a few square feet in front of the kitchen sink now and then.

And that’s just starters. But I’m so far away from having the money to do even these few things. I know. It’s not a small amount of money it would take, although it would be a small amount for some people, I guess.

Still they say the first step is actually deciding what you want, so I might as well do that step. THAT step doesn’t cost anything. I can afford that step, thanks to WordPress.

So, let’s start with these three.


Let’s start with something else, because if I had that something else, I might actually be able to take what I’ve got now and grow it to those things I really want.

Let’s start with a marketing plan. I can’t do craft shows any more. They’re too expensive for what they yield for the artist is, and I don’t have a car. That not having a car seriously limits my possibilities, unfortunately. But let’s not concentrate on the negatives. Let’s just call it enough for tonight realizing that a decent marketing plan is what I need more than anything else.

As I said, until I work this out for myself, I’ll still not tag my posts. I wonder if this time I can actually I can actually keep myself from wandering off from the part that I find hard to deal with and concentrating on the things I already know how to deal with.




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