Working on Marketing

3 02 2011

I had a revelation. It’s minor, so far, because I haven’t yet figured out how to make really good use of it. I had an hour of just sitting inside a shopping mall passing the time between one thing on my schedule and another. I found a comfortable seat and let the world go by, simply observing and sort of meditating on the word “marketing”.

I watched the individuals and groups walking in the mall, rather few carrying shopping bags, and nobody looking particularly excited about what they had bought, and I thought, “Well, of course. These stores are mass marketers. They’re aiming down the middle, aiming for a product that will moderately please as many of the public as possible. They’re working the numbers. They are anything but niche, even if they might protray themselves as niche, their niche must be a big tent to include enough customers to pay for a place in a mall. They sell THINGS. But in the US, pretty much everyone has all the THINGS they need. What people are lacking is connection, a way to reach beyond their established circles.

Following a tweet from, I found confirmation of what I’ve been thinking. I can offer a direct connection between the consumer and the product. Not a Chinese buffet kind of custom product (Choose one of the following five options.) but a truly custom product. I LIKE doing commissions. And I can do that without spending money. In fact, doing custom means I don’t make things on speculation. Oh, I’ll still do that, but I’m going to think about all the possible sources for commission work.

And I’ll continue to meditate about marketing. Maybe I could even read a book, but they always seem so generic.

Once again, I won’t put any tags on this. If you find it, you find it. We’ll see what happens.




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