La Vida Local – Charlottesville

6 02 2011

My idea for combined marketing of local textile goods has expanded. In thinking about marketing, I always wondered whether there would be enough customers specifically for local textiles. If only we could reach all the customers who give special attention to buying local goods, whether that be local food, or local furniture, or local yarns, or whatever.

And then it occured to me. We can! We only have to offer more local goods than just textiles. There’s already a group for marketing local foods, and you get into complications, law-wise, selling food. Complications I know nothing about.

But we could offer everything locally made but food. So I’ve set up a FaceBook page and a blog for La Vida Local – Charlottesville. I welcome comments and suggestions.




2 responses

14 02 2011

keep writing, i am following your development

15 02 2011

I will. In fact, I have begun a new blog specifically for La Vida Local – Charlottesville. The link is but there are only two posts so far. I finally feel oriented enough in Charlottesville to step up and initiate things with some possibility of knowing the right people to approach and the right groups to invest my time in. More news to come very soon.

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