Almost Ready for What Happens Next

16 02 2011

On Jan. 10 this year, my husband underwent a hip transplant. I had prepared by taking a couple of weeks off, and I knew I’d be spending a good deal of time taking care of him at first and taking care of all the things that he usually did inside and outside our home for our household. But I didn’t have any idea how big a demand would be put on me.

I have not had time to do much of anything else besides do all those chores and do the work at the quilt shop and the tutoring I had already scheduled. Weeks and weeks with little opportunity for making things makes me grumpy.

Then, just about a week ago, with my husband graduated from the walker to crutches and able to take care of himself more as well as beginning to take on at least inside household tasks again, it seemed I might be able to take up needles or other making tools again. I managed to fit in a little beading and finish a commission I’d taken on before Christmas along with doing a little more about catching up with other opportunities and ideas.

Then suddenly I found myself in demand to work more in the quilt shop, tutor more at the organization where I staff tutor, and two private tutoring opportunities as well. It’s hard to turn down any opportunities to earn, of course. But the urge to make and to update my ArtFire pages, and my ACV page, and get La Vida Local and an idea for a runway show of designs by local makers exclusively moving along is getting stronger and stronger.

It’s especially strong at those times in the shop when I feel like I’m simply doing busy work that is not moing the shop forward. I have ideas of what would move the shop forward but if I mention then nothing happens and if I act on them, things are back the way they were when I next come to the store. I love helping the customers, but not when my back or feet are sore from too many hours doing a repetitive task.

I guess I should be moving on, but finding work that fulfills seems to be asking a lot these days. I’m thinking more and more that it’s necessary to make your own job for this to be possible, and I have to remind myself that I’m working on that.

No tags today, because this is another of my working-it-out-by-writing-it-down blogs.




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