Wanted: Charlottesville Fashion Designers

23 02 2011

I’ve been brainstorming with Dana, who writes the Cville Fashion blog (www.cvillefashion.com) about how to organize a fashion show showing only the work of local designers. Yes, indeed, there are fashion designers living and working in Charlottesville. One source, for example, may well be the sewing and designing courses run by Les Fabriques (which does still exist, pretty nearly opposite Wal-Mart as I understand it. I haven’t been to their new location yet, but from ads and from speaking to people who have, it seems they have been able to expand in any number of directions.) I’ll be brainstorming on possible ways of ferreting them out as I work my day job tomorrow, but as usual, I’m open to suggestions.

Designers, as in dress designers aren’t all we’ll need, though. We’ll need designers of jewelry, handbags, shoes, scarves, belts, all kinds of accessories. It would be great to have knit designers or menswear designers or children’s wear designers or any other variations as well.

It’s possible we’ll be able to have prints designed by local textile designers made available to designers. Or many locally spun yarns for knit designers. There are many possibilities for locally produced materials for our designers.

We’ll need stylists to pull the looks together. We’ll need sponsors, preferably local makers of things that might be of interest to our audience or local shops interested in stocking the wares of our local designers.

We’ll need dressers, set constructors, organizers, music (by locals, of course), models, folks who are willing to help with publicity, organizers, hair stylists, make-up artists. I feel as if the list could go on and on.

And unless we somehow managed to attract a funding angel, all of these roles might well be taken up by volunteers. And I want to be open to including volunteers who are totally inexperienced in the role they want to take on, aspirers, just as the various designers will be aspirers.

I am ambitious and perhaps crazy enough to want to pull all this off in the week that the first year folks turn up for UVA, or maybe during Virginia Fashion Week whenever it is next scheduled.

Then there’s where to do it.

If you see this blog post, pass it on to anyone who you think might be interested in participating in this adventure of mine and Dana’s. There’s space in our padded room for many more Charlottesvillians.




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23 02 2011
Carla Quenneville

WOW! I am the owner of Les Fabriques, Inc. and I am incredibly thrilled to be reading all this! YES this can be achieved, we pulled together a great Fashion Show of local designers of all ages last Sept. at our Project Reveal! We are already planning our 2011 Reveal, which begins with a series of “challenges” much like Project Runway, to inspire and stretch these budding designers. I think this is a marriage made in heaven! Our new location is absolutely magnificent for a Fashion Show. Please contact me, or better yet come pay us a visit!

24 02 2011

I am so delighted to have you involved with this project of mine and Dana’s. My first year back in Charlottesville (I lived here 25 years ago) is not yet over and Dana has only about two years, so please forgive me for not knowing about the 2010 Reveal. If I had, I would certainly have been there, and I’m sure Dana would have as well. I would very much like to know more about the challenges you are giving your designers so that other types of designers can keep them in mind. I myself would be particularly interested in working on some suitable prints. We definitely need to confer. I will e-mail you and we’ll try to arrange a meeting. I don’t have a car, unfortunately, and it’s about an hour and a half on busses to get there. I know the bus goes to Wal-Mart and that your new space is nearly across from it, but is there a stop near you, or will I need to make my way walking from Wal-Mart. Wait, tell me that in an e-mail if you like.

24 02 2011

I missed the Les Fabriques Reveal last year! At the time I was still a newb to Charlottesville and completely clueless. 🙂 But if there is any way we can put our collective, creative heads together to bring more fashion shows to Cville, that would be spectacular! You’ll probably be speaking more to Donna a little more than me, but just letting you ladies know I’m totally on board and would love to participate and help plan in any way I can.

2 03 2011

Don’t feel bad, Dana, I missed it, too. I’ve been too busy this week to meet with Carla. Ridiculous how a very small tech problem (like an h key going on the fritz in this case) can really complicate your life. All in good time.


25 02 2011
Your Friday Fashion Dose – February 25, 2011 | Cville Fashion – A style blog for Charlottesville and beyond

[…] – Charlotttesville-area fashion and jewelry designers – this is for you!   Local textile designer Donna Carty and I are teaming up to plan a fashion show to feature local designers.  We’d love to hear your interest and ideas for this!  Contact me, or Donna at her Pocktorian Textiles blog. […]

2 03 2011

And then there is the possibility of our working together with Les Fabriques of course.

1 03 2011
Caroline MorningStar

Hi there, depending on how much time we have to get ready, i’d be interested in showing some designs. I linked my etsy store – there’s only two things in it, but i have more ready to go in. I’m mostly self-taught and still figuring all this out but i think i have some stuff worth sharing 🙂

I also have a friend who’s a designer, he might be interested too.


2 03 2011

Hi Caroline,

There should be a good deal of time. I was thinking the week that the first year folks come in to UVA would be good and the Downtown Mall would be a good location, but with Les Fabriques interested in having it at their new location and having their own plans in the works, who knows? In the meanwhile, you and your friend are both welcome to join in. I’ll be looking at your Etsy shop, and if you’re interested, I’d like to interview you and write a post about you, your background and your ideas, referring folks to your Etsy shop of course. You may want to wait until you have a few more things up.

24 03 2011

I am a local fashion designer. I own Mariah Amine Couture, a downtown Waynesboro Boutique which sells hand-made, USA made items and focuses on local artists. I will be releasing my first ready-to-wear line this April and I might be interested in having a few items in your show. Please feel free to visit my website http://www.mariahamine.com and to contact me about the show.

25 03 2011

Hello, Mariah, and thanks for commenting. It must be very exciting releasing your first collection. I would be delighted to have some of your items in our show. I’m adding your information to my collection of local designers. If I am correctly interpreting your post, you may also carry the work of other local designers. Could you please let them know about this show as well? Watch this blog for updates and I’ll also be e-mailing you as things get firmed up.

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