Eco Fashion Show in Charlottesville

20 03 2011

I got the C magazine this week and was very interested (and a little confused, as you’ll soon understand) to see a half-page ad for the 1st Annual Eco Fashion Show on April 30, 2011. It says they are now seeking designers and models and sponsors. It seemed to me I’d seen a poster for it somewhere, too. Maybe on the window of the C’ville office?

Visions of Desigual danced in my eyes. Yes, I know Desigual uses new materials, but their designs are my idea of what exciting eco fashion should look like. I set out to find everything I could about the show.  And of course, the first place I went was their website:

which turned out to be on WordPress.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much to the site. There were no posts, two sponsors listed. Trees on Fire was a designer (?) being featured. Perhaps the organizer. On with my investigation.

The half-page ad says designers “Must apply by March 1st”. Is that a mistake? Is it too late for designers to sign up to participate? If not, shouldn’t more featured designers be listed on the website? It also says applications and guidelines are available on-line. Where? Certainly not on the web-site as far as I can see. There’s a mystery here to be solved.

Ah ha! There’s an e-mail address. I shall write them and find out everything I can. Maybe even where the fashion show will be. I’ll report back as soon as I hear.



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20 03 2011

Let me know what you find out! I noticed one of the sponsors is 106.1. I will contact Brad over there and see if he knows anything about it.

21 03 2011

Oh, I’ll let everyone know. Thanks for contacting Brad and seeing what you can find out.

30 04 2011

This is the journalist from hk, and I am in hk, following your blog from time to time, Now I have finished my draft of the Norwich book, are u still doing proofreading, how much is the fee? pl reply

3 05 2011

Hi Hark, Nice to hear from you. I’m glad the book is going forward. I would be glad to proofread the book. Are you talking about proofreading the manuscript or the proofs of the printed pages? And if it is page proofs, about what percentage of the space in the book will be taken up by pictures? I don’t want to charge you for that, but I’m thinking of a charge per page.

15 05 2011


Just wondering if you were able to attend the eco-fashion show and what was it like?


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