Goin’ Freelance

3 06 2011

I guess I need to qualify that. I’m still working as a tutor, but I mostly love that, especially when I’m tutoring one-on-one one of my textile skills or helping someone with a subject they find daunting. In that vein, I think I’m especially good at tutoring math, in case anyone happens to need a math tutor.

But when it comes to textiles, to making in general, I’ve gone freelance. No more working retail. I’ll miss using what I know to help customers. Heck, I only finished on Friday and this week I was e-mailing a former customer about a book on 30’s style ribbon work. I have a book on practically everything in my collection, fashion illustration, blackwork, bobbin lace, needle lace, embroidery stitches, crazy quilting,  etc., etc. etc.

Today, I turned over an old quilt, 4 generations in the family, that I had repaired to a freelance customer. When I got it, it actually a hole in one arm of a pieces star, a couple of very worn corners, a “bite” over an inch deep and about 3 inches wide out of one side, and a bad section of binding. I found fabrics to match the background and backing / binding very closely; searched vintage shops to hunt for vintage fabrics close enough to the other fabrics that had been used next to the hole in the star, and some batting for the holes as well. I repaired the edge areas and the corners, replaced the missing hole fabrics pretty closely, and re-did the quilting on the areas I worked on. Overall, I was proud of my work. There’s more that could be done, a whole new binding, for example, but since the original binding was wrapped around from the backing, that would change the structure of the quilt, so I didn’t want to do that unless and until it was absolutely necessary. Having met a quilt appraiser and discussed quilt restoration with her, I’m hoping for referrals in the future. In this, too, if you know someone who needs some quilt restoration done, refer them to tme.

In short, I’m open to all sorts of possibilities, especially things that involve embellishment or creating something that exists only in your mind, like the crocheted butterfly shawls I did for Mara Hoffmann that are on my crochet page.

These last few days, I’ve been doing some beading and I’m planning to put in an order to Dharma for ties to paint (on sale!), leggings  and maybe a leotard (I’ve been wanting to paint some ever since I saw Cirque du Soliel for a second time a few months ago.), maybe a shawl or two, a few smaller items so I’ll have some lesser price items to sell. I’m even tempted by their yarns and ribbons prepared for painting and dyeing (as if I didn’t have enough of a stash already).

I’ve got so many plans, but I need enough income from one source or another to let me do these great plans. Income and time. I’m good at what I do. I know that. Income and time and marketing efforts.

No, I won’t start writing about those just now. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a tagging service that for a few pennies would well-tag a post.  I know I’ve got to do it, but somehow it frustrates me, the same as writing up my results did. I knew the results and that was enough for me. Maybe it’s the same thing here. I know what I wrote about. Hmm, sounds like my undiagnosed high-functioning possible Aspergers might be involved in that. Ya think?

I won’t write about the writing possibilities, either.




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