My Bursting Roses Print

30 06 2009

I have now fully painted the design I created with the theme “Bursting Roses” in mind. See this past post:

Since “Bursting Roses” came from the Elle Decor trends

Let’s take a look at it:


(Wow! I could swear I’ve put all the other pictures in at this same size, approximately. How did this one come out so large? I’m going to have to go back through all the pictures of my work and figure this out.)

Anyhow, now for a name. How about ROSES!

I fabric painted this one onto a shopping bag, but it could very easily be turned into a 3-screen screen print, one for the outlines, one for red, and one for yellow with transparent paints so the red and yellow could overlap.

What do you think? Would you like to reserve the shopping bag?