OK, I Know You’re Out There

10 03 2011

Right. I haven’t posted any news concerning the proposed “all Charlottesville designers” fashion show lately. I haven’t made it out to Les Fabriques either.

I had plans, but I also have a knee that has decided to go haywire, so I gave it all of Saturday through to the afternoon of Monday to rest, to be iced, to be aspirined, and generally babied and given every chance to recover. No such luck. I carried my knee brace with me to Monday afternoon / evening commitment “just in case” and sure enough, I needed it. I have no idea what’s wrong with the danged knee. Doctor thinks it’s tendonitis, but the pain has switched sides and there’s this crazy “bubbling” type thing to be felt by pressing¬†on the right side while bending the knee.¬†

Every day, though, I check the readership of this blog, and I see a few hits on my call for Charlottesville designers, so I know you’re out there. Come out of hiding or I’m coming in after you.

(Alright, I don’t exactly know how to do that, but I’ve got a number of ideas.)