Strategies, Strategies

22 12 2009

No sooner had I gone to bed tonight than my brain started popping out ideas like popcorn. (One of the ideas was that I should buy a torch [flashlight, Americans] to put beside my bed for writing down such ideas. I already have a notepad that could be moved there. Can I write off the torch as a business expense, do you suppose?)

For Ruth, who despairs of getting started for lack of start-up funds to buy what she calls “real fabric” but has a bag of scraps: The book I brought in the other day about the construction of all kinds of flowers from ribbons. Why not from strips of fabric? Or why not individual petals of different fabrics?

To ward off the “neggies” born of the folk who peer into our space like mice and quickly disappear if spoken to or invited in: Our major selling day was supposed to be Saturday anyhow, the rest of the days for work. And the rest of the floor outside our space is freezing. So why not close the door to the “salesroom” during the week allowing us to work warm in it if we please? Put a sign on the door stating our hours and that people are welcome to come in. (There’s already a sign describing what we are, and several around the door talking of classes and such.) Lets see how many just can’t resist looking in to see whats behind that closed door. And when they do, theyll have an immediate positive response to the heat if nothing else.

For market research and to get people upstairs from downstairs and in from the street and such: Design a 6-per-page or 4-per-page flyer. Every hour we’re open, one of us goes down or out to hand out 10 of these, each time to a particular population which we’ve chosen, marking the flyers. What groups? Men only, women only, women looking over the other clothing offerings, women looking at textiles, shoppers coming out of the nearby fabric shop, shoppers coming out of the nearby yarn shop, shoppers on the street in general, students at the nearby art school, etc. With the offer of 5% off for showing us the flyer, we’ll see who comes up the stairs and in the door.