Eco Fashion Show in Charlottesville

20 03 2011

I got the C magazine this week and was very interested (and a little confused, as you’ll soon understand) to see a half-page ad for the 1st Annual¬†Eco Fashion Show on April 30, 2011. It says they are now seeking designers and models and sponsors. It seemed to me I’d seen a poster for it somewhere, too. Maybe on the window of the C’ville office?

Visions of Desigual danced in my eyes. Yes, I know Desigual uses new materials, but their designs are my idea of what exciting eco fashion should look like. I set out to find everything I could about the show.  And of course, the first place I went was their website:

which turned out to be on WordPress.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much to the site. There were no posts, two sponsors listed. Trees on Fire was a designer (?) being featured. Perhaps the organizer. On with my investigation.

The half-page ad says designers “Must apply by March 1st”. Is that a mistake? Is it too late for designers to sign up to participate? If not, shouldn’t more featured designers be listed on the website? It also says applications and guidelines are available on-line. Where? Certainly not on the web-site as far as I can see. There’s a mystery here to be solved.

Ah ha! There’s an e-mail address. I shall write them and find out everything I can. Maybe even where the fashion show will be. I’ll report back as soon as I hear.