PVCC Registration for Fabric Painting and Weaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom

21 06 2011

Now that PVCC (Piedmont Virginia Community College) registration for the fall has begun, I would like to let the world know that I am offering two courses there.

One is weaving on a rigid heddle loom. This is the simplest loom, relatively cheap, easy to set up, easy to use, portable, an excellent starting point for weaving. It is also very versatile. It is possible to use a rigid heddle loom to do a wide variety of fabrics including some lace weaves. In my course, I will teach the students to warp the loom and to weave a variety of fabrics. I will also teach how to plan fabrics, some of which will change drastically when washed after weaving. Students might be interested to know that Piedmont also owns two four-harness floor looms, so it will be possible to move beyond the rigid heddle to more complicated weaves. The cost of the class will include a loom to be used in the class and sold back to me when the class is over if you decide not to keep it.

I am also offering a course in painting on fabric. We will be using fabric paints and resists to create a variety of fabric designs, some of which will very much resemble batiks. To see some samples of my work, you should look at previous pages on this blog, on ArtFire at PockTTorian Textile, or on the Fabric Painting page of this blog. All materials will be provided aside from a stretcher frame.

I invite anyone intersted in learning either of these to contact me. If you are unavailable to take either course at Piedmont, private lessons can be arranged.