Getting Ready for the Opening

25 11 2009

I am so excited, so brimming with ideas, which is a good thing, because I’m certainly not brimming with money. However, Barbara Winter’s Making a Living without a Job assures me that ventures that start with nothing have a greater chance of success because they are continually having to think up cost-less ways of getting things done. Well, we’ve certainly been doing that.

On Friday, I went to an event organized by an organization that gives grants to social enterprises. I would not have been ready without all the work that I have already done over the last four months, without all the help and advice from several different quarters that I have been given. I had my premises. I had my budget… actually I had three budgets, bare bones, medium, and dream budgets. They liked my idea, and I left almost certain that my project will be supported. Or course, I could be wrong, but I’m positive by nature and especially so since I’ve felt like I was on the right path.

So, as of Friday, I had my two empty rooms, into which I planned to put a plastic wall-paperer’s table and a folding picnic table along with my knitting machine, a folding camp chair or two, a rigid heddle loom, a tapestry loom, an ancient sewing machineĀ and some materials. I also had Ruth Solomon, who appears to be a magician in coming up with cheap ways of doing things and a great networkers as well, since she’s easily coming up begged and bartered and borrowed and handmade things along with transport for them. I knew she was coming with a mirror, some sewing machines, an A-frame announcement board, and a dress form and a clothing rack.

We two could start with what we had. We’re both quite used to making do. But surely we would sell more if our display was more than a clothes line strung back and forth across the room. Biz-Fizz to the rescue. It looks as if we will have the long term loan of two good sized tables, a mannequin, several chairs, and some slat wall material. The last is something that is bolted onto a strong wall and you can put whatevery you like, hooks, shelves, hanging racks for clothes, into the slats, very very versaltile.

We now have a good sized sturdy cutting table by putting the two tables together, we have a table and chairs to hold incubator meetings and classes, we have enough chairs for all 5 of us (eventually) to be working at once. My dreams are coming true as fast as I can dream them.