11 03 2011

I’m posting this same post to both my blogs today. This has to do with my idea for a store that would sell only goods designed and made locally, the one I call La Vida Local – Charlottesville.

Yesterday, after I posted here very briefly, I did a Google search of “Charlottesville designers”. By pure luck, I came upon a site that had a very brief story that was vaguely relevant, but further down the page was a story about something in Denver called YesPleaseMore.

Go ahead! Look at the site and you’ll see why I got so excited on reading about it.  I don’t even care if you leave my blog to look at it and don’t end up coming back. I just want everybody, and I mean everybody everywhere, to know that the idea is actually practical, even including things I had thought of but hardly dared dream of, let alone mention, for fear of asking too much.

YesPleaseMore includes not only a (pop-up) shop, but funding for new innovations for members of the local creative community, starter grants, space for collaboration, access to other funding. Fantastic!

And the shop! Well, I can’t help quoting here. It is seen as “acting as a “mix and match” experience that combines events, shopping, co-working and performances to create a cultural mashup”.

Well, I’ve already started contacting the right people to make this possible here. If I don’t contact you, feel free to contact me.


Why I’m Not Doing Much Making

26 02 2011

I’m working a lot these days. When I’m not working at the quilt shop, or tutoring for a tutoring service (or traveling back and forth, an hour and a half each way by bus, sometimes for just an hour and a half of tutoring), or tutoring private students, or doing all the things that need doing outside our house (because my husband is recovering from a hip replacement), or doing some kind of commission work (my latest, connecting two crocheted bedspreads to form one), I’m dreaming up things like a store that sells only things made locally or a fashion show of local designers.

Maybe it’s age setting in. I know enough about the history of these arts I love to know that for them to survive in their highest forms, it must be possible for someone to earn a living doing them. If you doubt that, just look at how many offerings in craft supply shops fall into the shortcut, do-it-fast category.

So, to give those developing their skills a chance at this, I need to follow up on the store and the fashion show idea. For the shop, I need to determine the best structure for the shop. I have some examples to explore, some knowlegeable (sp?) people to contact, a possible partnership idea, and I could always become an agent and offer my services.

I need to investigate the costs and advantages of different locations.

I also have various funding possibilities to explore.

I was going to talk about what I need to do for the fashion show, too, but I think I’ll save that for another post.

La Vida Local – Charlottesville

6 02 2011

My idea for combined marketing of local textile goods has expanded. In thinking about marketing, I always wondered whether there would be enough customers specifically for local textiles. If only we could reach all the customers who give special attention to buying local goods, whether that be local food, or local furniture, or local yarns, or whatever.

And then it occured to me. We can! We only have to offer more local goods than just textiles. There’s already a group for marketing local foods, and you get into complications, law-wise, selling food. Complications I know nothing about.

But we could offer everything locally made but food. So I’ve set up a FaceBook page and a blog for La Vida Local – Charlottesville. I welcome comments and suggestions.