Why I’m Not Doing Much Making

26 02 2011

I’m working a lot these days. When I’m not working at the quilt shop, or tutoring for a tutoring service (or traveling back and forth, an hour and a half each way by bus, sometimes for just an hour and a half of tutoring), or tutoring private students, or doing all the things that need doing outside our house (because my husband is recovering from a hip replacement), or doing some kind of commission work (my latest, connecting two crocheted bedspreads to form one), I’m dreaming up things like a store that sells only things made locally or a fashion show of local designers.

Maybe it’s age setting in. I know enough about the history of these arts I love to know that for them to survive in their highest forms, it must be possible for someone to earn a living doing them. If you doubt that, just look at how many offerings in craft supply shops fall into the shortcut, do-it-fast category.

So, to give those developing their skills a chance at this, I need to follow up on the store and the fashion show idea. For the shop, I need to determine the best structure for the shop. I have some examples to explore, some knowlegeable (sp?) people to contact, a possible partnership idea, and I could always become an agent and offer my services.

I need to investigate the costs and advantages of different locations.

I also have various funding possibilities to explore.

I was going to talk about what I need to do for the fashion show, too, but I think I’ll save that for another post.