The Textile Incubator Is Coming Into Existence

18 11 2009

On December 1st, Pocktorian Textiles, a textile incubator will be a very real thing. It will be located in two rooms of the first floor of the Loosis Building on Magdalene St.

There is already one prospective designer besides me who will be working in the studio / workshop along with me. Her name is Ruth Solomon and she is trained as a stitcher of costumes, how to make a garment for repeated use by people differing in size and how to make adjustments and repairs. I’ve seen some of her sketches and a little bit of her work.

She plans to do alterations and repair work while she develops her line and is realy looking forward to having enough space to really sew up a storm. It’s going to be very interesting to watch her line develop. I showed her the Desigual line in a local store and she found it very inspiring.

I’ve also started contacting everyone I know locally who designs and makes very special textiles, dresses, corsets, bags, hats, costume wear, even baskets. We will be selling their work along with our own.

If you are in Norfolk and design and make any kind of textile goods, or would like to start your own line, but lack space and equipment for it, please contact me.

The third part of my incubator that I want to start right away is including locally produced materials for making wonderful things. That means locally handspun yarn, locally produced alpaca yarn, wool and roving for spinning, locally produced natural dyestuffs, locally printed fabrics, and whatever else I can think of. So if you do any of these and would like to sell in our shop, again, contact me.

Last note: I have just transferred over a number of posts and pages from another blog I had when this wild idea of mine was in the imaginary development stages. Sometimes I went a bit off track, and I’ve eliminated those posts. Some things in those old posts may seem a bit off. I’m likely to be doing more editing. The ones I’ve left had something too do with the progress of my idea, and I’ve totally rewritten the first one explaining how I came to this point to begin with.

Please do look at the other pages I’ve attached with pictures of my work (assuming they made it through the transfer. If not I’ll be fixing that soon). I’ll add pictures of work from the other artists as soon as I acquire them.


Reviving Norwich's Textile Industry

4 08 2009

I know I’ve taken this blog in an entirely different direction than I origianlly intended. This is probably because what you really want to do WILL surface, if you let it. Close just doesn’t really count, no matter how “unrealistic” what you really want to do is.

I want to establish a contemporary kind of high-tech cottage textile industry, in Norwich, because Norwich should really have one. Schools and universities in the Norwich area graduate large numbers of folks with textile qualifications. Norwich University College of the Arts is even planning a fashion program. Many of those students would like to remain in Norfolk. In fact, they do, doing jobs they aren’t nearly as interested in as they are interested in textiles, and doing or selling a bit of what they would truly love to be doing on the side. I think that’s a real pity.

Wool and alpaca and a natural dye company are all present within the county. (I hear that farmers are burning the wool or giving it away to whoever will pay for the sheering, another real pity.) Linen and silk is produced in the EU, and if Turkey joins it, cotton will be too. High quality cotton.

The technology for taking fiber to  products has been automated and has shrunk to the point that all the equipment needed could fit into a room not much bigger than the average living room. And there is no need for the work to be near as punishing to the human body.

I envision a new kind of high-tech cottage textile industry.