Yee haw! What a Difference a Good Night’s Sleep Makes!

9 01 2010

I came home from Pocktorian Textiles yesterday dragging my tail, worn down to the nubs of my energy. Seems like I’ve been walking gingerly forever to make sure I don’t slip on the icy slush and break something that will keep me at home for an extended amount of time.

Seems like I’ve spent too much of my time at Pocktorian huddled next to the electric heater because the radiators weren’t putting out the heat I was supposed to have in the studio.

And this last week or so, it seems like I’ve been making much too hard a job of lengthening the sleeves on a man’s suit jacket.

That last is no “seems like”. I HAVE been making much too hard a job of it, making a good proportion of the reversable mistakes that can be made on such a job. I have to forgive myself. It’s been a long time since I did such a job, and I’ve acquired some new resources since then that I was trying to use. The result was that I was using too many resources on one job. I learned a whole lot from doing that. But I sure didn’t earn much per hour spent on the job. That’s OK with me.

Anyhow, by around 7:30, I found myself unable to take an interest in anything, let alone moving any of my various unfinished projects (grant applications, for example) forward. I was also unable to get warm. So I went to bed wearing a sweatshirt over a long-sleeved jumper, over a T-shirt, over a vest. Now mind you, I had three layers of bedding over all these clothes. And after a while, I was finally comfortably warm. I read for about an hour and then I slept.

I’m now ready to take an interest in things again. So let’s see what’s in the in box, being twitted,  and such. What  new favorites have I added?

Here’s a good one, a place that lists the top 100 fashion blogs each quarter. I care nothing for names, for what’s hot. But I do look for colors, for which of my various textile skills is being used most, and for inspirations.

I’ve got to give my LinkedIn connections credit for that one. I’m slowly working my way down the present list and already I’ve seen a reminder to myself that I’ve been wanting to see what kinds of fun things I could do with fabric paints on black or white leggings or tights.

I also love looking at old fashion plates.

My aunt used to have a collection of  those magazines from around 1900 and before that included patterns. I really wish now that I’d begged her for some of them. Imagine a tour of charity shops for lacey tablecloths and such worked up into skirts like those in the fourth picture. And just looking at those wrapped sashes in the picture two down from that makes me want to make long sashes and play with them on out-of-date loose summer tops.

It’s always the dilemma for me. The lessons and commissions I have for the next week will pay the rent, but I bet I spend time wishing for time to spend on my own inspirations….which so far…..don’t sell. Pay the rent, make enough to add a noticeable amount to the household funds, and save a bit of time to play each day. Yeah, that’s the ticket.