Pocktorian Textiles, cont.

19 02 2010

I am SO delighted! I have heard today that UnLtd accepts Anne LaVene (of St. Lawrence Textile Centre in the St. Lawrence church on St. Benedict St. in Norwich) as an appropriate person to accept the grant and continue Pocktorian’s work.

To give you a hint of who she is, check out these sites:





I don’t know how much she knows about the other textile skills, but when it comes to the knitting machine, she knows everything! Her designs are very original.

She’s had St. Lawrence open for over a year and is very strong in making connections, but St. Lawrence doesn’t have heat or water or good light in general, however picturesque it is, which Pocktorian Textiles will offer her, along with all the great opportunities that come in a constant stream from UnLtd.

As for me, I will feel a whole lot better about leaving the UK being able to say that I created and left behind what I consider a significant contribution to the UK. It will also make my case stronger for working in the same area in the US.