11 03 2011

I’m posting this same post to both my blogs today. This has to do with my idea for a store that would sell only goods designed and made locally, the one I call La Vida Local – Charlottesville.

Yesterday, after I posted here very briefly, I did a Google search of “Charlottesville designers”. By pure luck, I came upon a site that had a very brief story that was vaguely relevant, but further down the page was a story about something in Denver called YesPleaseMore.

Go ahead! Look at the site and you’ll see why I got so excited on reading about it.  I don’t even care if you leave my blog to look at it and don’t end up coming back. I just want everybody, and I mean everybody everywhere, to know that the idea is actually practical, even including things I had thought of but hardly dared dream of, let alone mention, for fear of asking too much.

YesPleaseMore includes not only a (pop-up) shop, but funding for new innovations for members of the local creative community, starter grants, space for collaboration, access to other funding. Fantastic!

And the shop! Well, I can’t help quoting here. It is seen as “acting as a “mix and match” experience that combines events, shopping, co-working and performances to create a cultural mashup”.

Well, I’ve already started contacting the right people to make this possible here. If I don’t contact you, feel free to contact me.